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Difference between leadership & being a great leader

Leadership is important as it maximizes the efficiency and organization of a group to achieve goals. On the other side, a great leader is an individual who has a leadership mindset and action.

But the truth is not everyone placed in a leadership position can be a leader. Why? Because traits, skills, knowledge, and attitude are what makes a great and effective leader.

Leadership and being a great leader

In other words, holding a leadership position doesn’t make someone a leader. But anyone can be a leader even not holding or placed in a leadership position.

The difference between leadership and a leader is that leadership can be seen by stepping on a stage to inspire others. While a leader is an individual who inspires others. Moreover, leadership is a way of teaching others the right things, while a leader becomes a model to others on how they can determine the right things.

A leader does not find fault but makes solutions. He is a trailblazer, he creates a path for others to follow. But the thing is how do we become a good leader? Well, teaching leadership is easy but developing leaders is another story.

Learning never stops…

Leaders are born by emerging through learning and practicing leadership behaviors and connecting these to our mindset, attitudes, and values.

In other words, to become a leader, an individual must reflect on his leadership behavior in able to see the conflict in his mindset that prevents him from being an effective and good leader. This means that he must ask for some feedback from others.

Why? Because we are usually are blind to our own conflicts. We do not see our own mistakes, but others do.

For instance, a senior manager may think that she helps in improving a certain program but others see her as a critical and resistant to change. In order for her to be a good leader, she must develop this area and embody a positive change.

How to develop yourself as a leader

If you are wondering right now how you can develop yourself as a leader. Then, think about what area you wanted to grow as a leader.

Consider if your mindset, as well as actions, are misaligned. Think about on how you could practice it and receive and receive feedback from others.

Think of people who could help you in developing this area. Be visionary, be influential, be an inspiration, be a wise decision-maker, and make a change to be a leader. Be a leader who has a leadership behavior and mindset. Be a leader by inspiring others with your actions. Inspire others to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve greater.

Be a leader who has a combination of character and strategy. After all, being a leader is not all about the title or position. It is all about impact, influence, and inspiration.

Spread your passion and work towards your goal. Just keep on working on setting your mindset with your actions. Always remember that the key to being a leader is the influence and not authority.

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