Web Designer and Web Developer

Web Designer and Web Developer – What’s the Difference?

Can you tell the difference between a web designer and web developer? If not, don’t worry. But what are their roles? Well, we will tell you the answer! Although lots of people find it confusing, here we will show you the difference between a web designer and a web developer.

Web Designers

They use graphic software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc., to create and design a website. They use their creativity and imagination to showcase their talents or projects for potential clients and customers. Web designers are the one responsible for creating the look, feature, and layout of a website. Some coding is required to make it more alive and this is where the web developer does their job.

Web Developer

A website won’t be that effective when it’s not functional. The developers’ job is to make it come to life. But how? Through coding. Usually, they build the backbone of a website. They commonly use programs to develop website such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more in creating one. Their goal isn’t to make websites look visually appealing but develop a functional one. Web designers have the technical ability to think logically which is important especially when coding.

Both are essential to function properly

Can you be both? The answer is yes. The web designer does the designs and the web developer does the coding. The result? A fully functional website! Although the two are the opposite, working together could be one of the toughest parts. But through constant communication, cooperation, and teamwork, this will be possible.

So, there you go! Can you tell the difference now? I’m sure you did. Don’t forget that both are important when creating websites. At the end of the day, they share the similar goal which is to create a site that would attract potential customers.



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