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Why you should stop looking jobs in Metro Manila?

Many Filipinos believe that looking for jobs in Metro Manila will bring them bigger opportunities. They believe that their life will be prosperous if they leave their provinces to seek a job. Well, the tables have turned, here are the reasons why you should not pursue going to Metro Manila to look for job opportunities.

Over Population

The main problem in Metro Manila is overpopulation. As a matter of fact, the population of Metro Manila way back in 2014 was 12 million. This population number grows to 15 million in the daytime in larger urban areas of Metro Manila. As a result, there is a shortage of food, water, and land. Moreover, pollution gets worse and the cost of living here rises which causes many conflicts.


This one of the biggest problem in Metro Manila they have been solving for so long. Manila is so congested that it creates huge traffic that’s terribly irritating.

To avoid traffic, people usually leave their house earlier to reach their destination on time. In fact, a 30-minute travel can take up to 2 to 3 hours or more. Traffic in Metro Manila isn’t only caused by overpopulation but also because of the ineffective traffic system and undisciplined drivers. Moreover, during rush hours, traffic is expected to be very long. That’s why many people reach their homes late at night.

Inefficient Transport System

You probably heard or watch it on the news right? Yes, it is all right. The inefficient transport system is one of Metro Manila’s problem too. Just imagine the long line of vehicles plus an inefficient transport system, and you’ll surely be stressed. Think if you can endure this and survive to commute every day.


Metro Manila is congested, it is filled with automotive vehicles and factories. Therefore, do not expect a lot on its air quality. Air pollution can bring various diseases, so better think twice before moving out into this city.

Job Opportunities

Many people think that Metro Manila provides a multitude of career opportunities than the outside the area. But the truth is hiring rate outside Metro Manila is expected to increase because many companies lose employees every month.

This is because many employees find it hard to commute every day to go to work because of traffic and inefficient transport system. To solve this problem, companies are now building offices outside Manila.

Next Wave Cities

Job opportunities outside in Metro Manila are growing in various places such as Davao, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Bacolod, Iloilo, Metro Cavite, Cagayan de Oro, Lipa Batangas, Malolos Bulacan, Baguio, and Dumaguete. As a matter of fact, BPO company Bulacan and IT outsourcing Bulacan are rising in areas of Bulacan.

Looking for job opportunities in Metro Manila can be a good experience. But the thing is, are you ready enough to face these problems? Are you sure you can all handle the stress of going to work early and going home late because you were stranded on traffic? There are tons of job opportunities out there lying outside Metro Manila.

There are several IT consulting and outsourcing companies outside Manila that offers a fair salary. Go grab it and work at your top condition!

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